3 Common Reasons Wills are Contested

What Does A Probate Lawyer Do?

The word probate refers to the official validation of a will, but the word only describes a few of the duties that a probate lawyer takes on. Here’s a rundown on some of the most essential services that a probate lawyer offers:

Will and Trust Preparation

Everyone wishes to leave behind something for their loved ones after they pass away, so that they can live a good life in their absence. Amassing wealth and assets are not enough however, as you need a proper will or trust to ensure that the right person gets their fair share. With multiple heirs and beneficiaries, you may have your own terms as to give what to whom.

If you don’t have a will that specifies the exact terms and conditions, the laws of intestacy apply, which might not be inline with what you want. A probate lawyer helps draft a detailed will or trust for you.

Probating A Will

The process of validating a will with supervision from the court is known as probating the will. Initially, you have to file the will along with a probate petition in court. The court will go over the documents thoroughly to check for any errors that could lead to the will being rejected.

Then, an executor of the estate will be appointed, who will be responsible for paying off any creditors or debts of the estate as specified after the appraising all of the assets. The executor will also take care of paying off any beneficiaries or rewarding them as per requirement.

Contesting A Will

Often, people feel that they have been unfairly treated in a will. In other cases, they may have substantial evidence which could lead to a will being null and void. In such cases, a probate lawyer helps skillfully navigate in such situations.

They can get particularly upsetting as they pit family members against each other, which requires the help of an expert negotiator and litigator to get around. Rather than cause more negative feelings, the goal is to reach an amicable conclusion.

At Ledwidge and Associates we specialize in probate attorney Queens and probate attorney Brooklyn, helping with the various issues related to probate law, helping our clients get their due rights, assign executors and properly leave behind their estate for their loved ones. Reach out to the business today if you seek a probate law or litigation lawyer.


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3 Common Reasons Wills are Contested

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3 Common Reasons Wills are Contested

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