4 Types of Legal Guardians You Should Know Before Making a Will

Are you a parent of a differently-abled adult or a minor child? Perhaps you’d like to nominate a guardian to ensure your ward is taken care of when you’re gone. While you can trust your child with several different types of guardians, determining the right candidate is crucial to fulfilling all legal responsibilities. The four major types of guardians are:

  • Personal guardian
  • Pet guardian
  • Conservators
  • Financial guardians

Continue reading this blog to understand which guardian you should include in your will.

Personal Guardian

Otherwise known as a custodial guardian, a personal guardian has the legal responsibility of raising your minor child or looking after an incapacitated adult after your passing. They attend to your children’s long-term needs such as healthcare, clothing, education, housing, and food.

Mostly, the custody transfers to the surviving parent when one parent dies. However, if you’re a single parent, we recommend naming someone you trust in your will to look after your ward once you depart from this world. Contact estate planning lawyers near you to ensure your kids are in safe hands in the future.

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Financial Guardians

Financial guardians handle the property and money for your minor child. Depending on your financial condition, it’s important to choose a financial guardian to take care of your assets until your ward becomes of age. While a personal guardian can also be a financial guardian, most individuals prefer a different candidate to handle their child’s inheritance.


In some states, a conservator is the same as a financial guardian, i.e., they handle your child’s property and finances. In other states, a conservator is a person in charge of only incapacitated adults. They pay taxes and bills for your ward and provide for their well-being. Therefore, speak to a family law attorney if you wish to include a convertor in your will for your dependent child.

Pet Guardians

Don’t forget about your furry friend when writing your will. Ensure to name a pet caregiver in your will to know your pet will be in safe hands after your death.

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4 Types of Legal Guardians You Should Know Before Making a Will

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4 Types of Legal Guardians You Should Know Before Making a Will

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