B.B. King’s family accuses manager of estate theft

New York music lovers may have seen recent reports that B.B. King’s family has accused the legend’s designated executor of keeping them away from their loved one prior to his death. King died in his home on May 14 at the age of 89.

King’s family members claimed that not only were they kept away from the blues legend, the executor medically mistreated King and took some of his money prior to his death. Two of King’s 11 surviving children also accused both the executor and King’s personal assistant of poisoning him. The allegations against the two individuals resulted in an autopsy, though the toxicology reports were still unavailable when the report was released.

King’s designated executor denied the allegations. Her attorney argued that the family had been unable to obtain updated values of King’s assets, which including the value of his road-show business and music royalties. On June 5, the attorney provided testimonials from three doctors and an affidavit from a granddaughter which stated that King was properly cared for before his death.

If a person dies without leaving behind a will , the decedent’s assets will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy laws of the state having jurisdiction over the matter. An estate administration attorney may help family members understand their rights should a loved one pass away without leaving a will. If a will was drafted and the designated executor does not timely follow the loved one’s wishes, the attorney may also assist with preparing a request for the executor’s removal.

Source: CBS News, ” B.B. King estate fight looms in Las Vegas, pitting family against business manager “, Associated Press, June 9, 2015

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B.B. King’s family accuses manager of estate theft

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B.B. King’s family accuses manager of estate theft

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