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Proving the validity of a will

From emotional pain to anxiety over heading to court, you may be struggling with a variety of challenges if one of your loved ones recently passed away. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C., we know how difficult life can be for people who are trying to move forward after losing a family member in Jamaica, and cities across the state of New York. Although this may be a tough time for you, it is important to carefully examine your circumstances and handle any legal issues appropriately.

According to the New York Unified Court System, the probate process  involves proving that wills are valid in court. When judges are convinced of the validity of wills, they appoint executors to fulfill the decedents’ wishes. Probate can have an impact on many different people related to a decedent and may affect creditors, beneficiaries, heirs, debt collectors and executors.

An executor of the estate will have a number of duties, which are important for you to recognize if you have been given this responsibility. When you file a probate petition, you will need to provide your loved one’s death certificate and original will in their county of primary residence. In fact, you could be able to file paperwork online.

Dealing with legal issues related to a will may seem stressful, but it is vital to ensure that your loved one’s estate is managed properly. If you head over to our page on probating the will, you can take a look at additional material related to will validation .

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