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Taking a look at undue influence

Whether an executor fails to carry out their duties or beneficiaries suspect fraud, there are many reasons why people choose to contest a will. However, it is especially important to develop an understanding of undue influence and how people are manipulated when creating a will. In Jamaica, and cities throughout the entire state of New York, families who suspect that a loved one was under coercion at the time they signed the will should examine all of their options.

When it comes to allegations of undue influence, there are many factors to consider. Unfortunately, someone who is manipulated may make decisions that they do not fully understand or without their free will. According to information published by the Duke Law Scholarship Repository, some people fall victim to undue influence  when signing a will because of their deteriorated mental state or older age.

However, there are a number of other reasons why people are vulnerable with regard to undue influence. The Judicial Branch of California outlines some of these causes, which include drug and alcohol intoxication, physical injuries and insufficient sleep. Moreover, people who experience undue influence when making a will  may have depression, grief, fear or anxiety, which could contribute to their vulnerability.

If a beneficiary believes that his or her loved one was subjected to undue influence when signing a will, they should carefully assess the details of their circumstances. Contesting a will may seem complicated or mentally draining, but some people have been able to obtain a better outcome.

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