Reasons You Might Require A Lawyer

While many people try to avoid lawyers, considering them an expense, the reality is that in a difficult situation, their services might become mandatory. The price you pay might be less significant than whatever you gain from dealing with your issues. Here are some reasons why you might require a lawyer to mediate over issues and provide you guidance within the legal parameters:

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Family Disputes

In most cases, families tend to let bygones be bygones or at the very least, discontinue talking to each other after conflicts. In matters of property and rights however, things can get very hostile at times. From verbal and physical fights to legal battles, the situation may require a legal mediator to handle the issue.

It’s best to have a probate attorney to give you insight on the matter, regardless of things having gone to court or not. A lawyer might be what you need to end the dispute quickly, working in everyone’s fair favor.

Estate Planning

Before they pass away, everyone wants to leave something behind for their loved ones for their well-being. For this purpose, people take part in estate planning, which helps bring all your wants for when you pass away into a documented form. Who gets what, who will handle the estate after your passing and all other questions are answered through estate planning.

Not having estate planning allows the state to handle affairs for you, which might not go the way you wish them to.

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Contesting A Will

People often refuse to accept a will outright and come up with several arguments to defend their take. A will can often be faked, forged, produced when the decedent was not in a state of sanity or within their senses. These and other valid reasons could lead to a will being rejected entirely and it’s within the right of a legitimate heir to put out a lawsuit accordingly.

Citizens of New York State can work with Ledwidge and Associates for all their probate law matters. Whether you wish to contest a will, leave your properties and assets behind for your loved ones, run into a conflict with your family about property, we help defuse and remedy each situation. Reach out to the business today if you seek a probate attorney Queens and probate attorney Brooklyn or litigation lawyer.


What to Look for In Quality Law Services

The problem with excess options is that it can be overwhelming and difficult to pick one. Such an issue also occurs when looking for law services; but the task is much easier once you’re able to filter out the options based on your requirements.

These are some of the most common factors all quality law services provide.

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The major difference between an average lawyer and a great one is the amount of experience they’ve had in the business. An expert attorney is one that’s seen a wide variety of cases within their domain. Working different cases provides them with a wealthy bank of knowledge that they can use for their future cases going forward.

A probate lawyer that’s dealt with probate law will have gone over the various rules and regulations several times in the past, allowing them to come to a quick conclusion or make a faster claim for their client.

Client-Focused Services

While people assume that lawyers are focused only on getting cash out of their clients, the reality is that law is purely a client-focused business where the lawyer needs to have your best interests at heart. Producing good results is essential for them because they end up on the lawyer’s resume. Therefore a lawyer will do whatever they can within the legal parameters to help their client win their case or get the most bang for their buck.

You should seek lawyers that are goal and success-oriented in their pitch.

Good Communication Skills

Not everyone is going to be comfortable speaking to an attorney or willing to disclose personal details for various reasons. A lawyer’s job is to make people speak and tell them the facts as they are so they can help defend them in the best way possible by knowing everything that they need to be aware of the case.

Being able to negotiate is also a must-have skill for a lawyer, as they can mediate with the negotiation to mitigate damage in some instances.

At Ledwidge and Associates, we specialize in probate attorney Queens and probate attorney Brooklyn, helping with the various issues related to probate law, helping our clients get their due rights, assign executors and properly leave behind their estate for their loved ones. Reach out to the business today if you seek a probate law or litigation lawyer.


The Legal Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate

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Buying and owning property is mostly an exciting and fulfilling life experience. The only aspects of it that can feel dry and boring are the legal ones, which include everything from drawing up the initial deed to including it in your final will to be passed on after your death.

Of all the things you include in your estate plan—life insurance, bank accounts, jewelry, art/collectibles, investments, and furniture—the most important is your property, be it a residential house or a vacation home, or even a rental property. For your loved ones to enjoy these the same even after your death, you need to make sure all the legalities are in place.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while handling real estate:

DO: Place the Vacation Home in A Revocable Trust

If you want the next generation to truly enjoy the vacation home without carrying the baggage of legalities and responsibilities they didn’t exactly sign up for, placing it in a trust should help.

Firstly, it would escape lengthy probate. Secondly, you can specify exactly how you want the vacation home to be used and maintained during and after your life with a trust. And most importantly, with smart estate planning—we’re talking Qualified Personal Residence Trust, of course—you could also save estate tax significantly.

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DON’T: Skip Out on A Will

Making a will may seem like a hassle, especially because it isn’t really necessary to pass down real estate. However, legal experts highly recommend it because it makes the whole process ever so easier.

Without a will, your property will still get passed on to your immediate heirs and relatives based on the law in your state, but in case you want a say in who ends up with what exactly, making a will is the only way to do it.

Through a will, you can keep the property from being split up, divide it the way you wish, or even pass it down to someone outside the family.

DO: Get A Property Lawyer on Board

From the moment you purchase the property to the time of your death, you need professional expertise on how to go about its legal paperwork in order to keep things streamlined.

There are many different kinds of deeds, and you may not know the ins and outs of each kind, so having a property lawyer to reviews and prepare the deed with you is a good step. Similarly, when you’re including your real estate in the estate plan, you need to have legal counsel to ensure that the property can pass on to your loved ones with minimal legal hurdles after your death.

So, if you’re in the process of creating an estate plan, get the experts on board.

We’re a real property law firm Queens, and our Estate lawyer Queens  can help make complicated legal procedures easier for you.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our legal services.

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Spousal Support Claims – Laws and Principles

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A marriage is a legal union of two people who want to spend their lives together. There are certain rights and obligations of each spouse that have to be met. One of those rights is spousal support. The blog will discuss what spousal support is, its laws and principles, and how you can claim it.

What Is Spousal Support?

Spousal support is used interchangeably as spousal maintenance and alimony but there’s a difference. Spousal support is an amount paid by one spouse to another spouse during marriage and divorce proceedings, while spousal maintenance and alimony are paid after a divorce. According to Family Law, spousal support is a right and one should fight for it when marriage obligations aren’t being met. Our family lawyer can help you claim spousal support.

Laws And Principles Pertaining Spousal Support

The family court awards the spousal support since spouses have a legal duty to support each other financially. Furthermore, both spouses have to be alive to claim and receive spousal support. It has no term limit, and the spouse can receive the amount until the divorce or death of one of the spouses. Both the petitioner (the spouse claiming for spousal support) and the respondent (the spouse that supposedly ought to pay) can hire family lawyers.

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How To Claim Spousal Support Or Maintenance

A spousal support case starts once the petitioner files a petition in the Family Court. The court then summons the respondent to be served. The judge or support magistrate decides the verdict after assessing the financial situation of each spouse. However, after a divorce, one can’t claim spousal support but can claim spousal maintenance during divorce proceedings.


Under the 2015 law regarding spousal maintenance, the amount is determined based upon each spouse’s income. You can use this calculator to determine your spousal maintenance amount. If you want to seek legal aid when claiming spousal support and maintenance, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney.


Ledwidge & Associates, P.C., is a trusted law firm in New York City that focuses on estate planning and Family Law Services Brooklyn and Family Law Attorney Queens. Our divorce attorney can serve spouses seeking a divorce in Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan and Queens and guide them through the divorce process. Contact us now and our divorce attorney will gladly be of assistance.