Can a Lawyer Help You Resolve an Estate Dispute?

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Real estate disputes can arise for any party, whether a private homeowner or a management firm. As leading real property law firm lawyers in NYC, we’re here to shed light on the most prevalent triggers for property conflicts and offer advice for avoiding them.

Common Real Estate Disputes

Here are some common real estate disputes that a lawyer can help you resolve:

1. Contract Violation

An agreement in writing is required whenever real estate is bought, sold, or rented. For instance, the contract may require the landlord to make repairs or provide the renter permission to utilize the property. Meanwhile, the tenant must faithfully pay rent and adhere to other lease terms.

A contract violation occurs when one party fails to fulfill its commitments. In such an event, the other party will be entitled to seek compensation for any losses or damages they may have sustained.

If you want to be sure you don’t accidentally break a contract, it’s a good idea to work with our real property law firm in NYC. We can assist you in understanding the fine print. This is necessary to ensure that everything is just and reasonable.

2. Unreported Problems with the Property

When selling or leasing a property, full disclosure is required. Price-affecting considerations include things like leaks and perhaps unapproved alterations to the home.

The seller may be held accountable if the residence was advertised and sold in pristine condition, but the buyer discovered major flaws upon inspection. Even though this depends on the honesty of both the buyer and seller, it may be prevented by conducting a thorough house inspection and having experts research its background before making any final commitments.

3. Disputes Over Boundaries

Conflicts over property boundaries arise when neighbors can’t agree on where one neighbor’s land ends and another’s begins. Such disputes stem from improper registration.

The good news is that these disagreements may be resolved by investigating the location of the property’s legal limits. A property lawyer in Queens or Brooklyn can help you handle this dispute.

4. Disputes Between Co-Owners

There are instances where many people share ownership of a single property. Disputes between co-owners can occur due to the tangled nature of this type of property ownership and administration.

It’s possible, for instance, that a co-owner who has contributed more toward the property’s upkeep and repair may file a claim against the other owners in the event of a sale.

This is a situation in which resolving the initial points of contention might help avoid the escalation of the conflict. Nonetheless, not everything has a straightforward answer. You should consult an attorney before attempting to resolve a complex co-owner dispute on your own.

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At Ledwidge & Associates, P.C., founded by Attorney Joseph Ledwidge, we can help with all of your legal concerns. If you’re caught in property disputes and are looking for a Real Property Law firm Queens or anywhere in NYC, you can reach out to us anytime!


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Can a Lawyer Help You Resolve an Estate Dispute?

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