Can You Contest a Trust Remotely?

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When an individual who has carried out estate planning in Queens, Brooklyn, and New York passes away, they leave behind a will and inheritance for their loved ones. Their loved ones, also known as beneficiaries, can claim their inheritance.

However, if they believe that the trust has legal validity issues, they can contest it. But the question arises, can a trust be contested remotely?

Luckily, with the advent of technology, you can contest a trust remotely if you are outside the city, state, or country.

How to Contest a Trust Remotely

Trust contests are more common than you might think. In fact, when you contest a trust, you typically don’t even need to go to court or meet physically with the concerned parties. For this reason, they can be contested remotely.

Meetings with an estate lawyer and concerned parties can be done over a video call. Similarly, any documents that need to be sent can be done via email. Through new technological methods, individuals can also sign documents electronically without leaving the comfort of their homes. Most courts accept such virtually-signed documents. Lastly, any follow-up done with the attorneys can be done via phone calls.

The first step in contesting a trust remotely should be contacting a reliable attorney with experience in dealing with remote clients. For example, Ledwidge and Associates are reliable litigation lawyers in Queens and New York areas with ample experience with clients outside of New York.

Once the meeting with them is done, and the right direction is determined, you can work with the lawyer to gather relevant documents and send a letter to the concerned parties. You will also need to file a contest petition with your lawyer. After this, there might be court proceedings, but these can likely be attended via calls.

The mediation between parties will likely be resolved privately, outside of court, and this can be done via video calls between everyone.

Contest a Trust Remotely With Lawyers

If you live outside the United States and want to contest a trust remotely, you, unfortunately, cannot do so. You will need to hire reliable trust litigation and estate lawyers in your area who can prepare all documents for you and carry out court proceedings on your behalf.

They will also guide you better in terms of how to contest a trust remotely when you are not in the city. When looking for a reliable litigation lawyer, you should ask them if they have any experience with remote clients. If they do, they will be better equipped to handle your case.

Ledwidge & Associates Can Help You

Joseph Ledwidge attorneys are the top probate attorney nyc with ample experience in various kinds of cases, including estate planning Manhattan and trusts. We can help you contest a trust remotely wherever you are.

For more information about us and our processes, visit our website and book a consultation with us today!

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Can You Contest a Trust Remotely?

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