Estate Planning Essentials: How a Brooklyn Estate Lawyer Can Safeguard Your Legacy

Estate planning is an essential process that guarantees that your assets are managed and distributed in the way that you wish after your death. If you reside in Brooklyn, working with a knowledgeable estate lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. Read More

Arbitrator Vs. Mediator: What’s The Difference?

  When it comes to dispute resolution, there are several options available. Two of the most common options are arbitration and mediation. Although both of these methods aim to resolve disputes, there are key differences between them. In this article, we will discuss the arbitrator vs. mediator differences. Let's dive right in! Read More

What Happens If Someone Is Caught Stealing from an Estate?

  When an individual passes away, they leave an estate in the form of a will for their loved ones and beneficiaries. They also assign an executor who cares for the assets and fairly distributes them to all beneficiaries once the individual passes away. Read More

Estate Administration—Everything There is to Know

It's common knowledge that an estate owner should name an executor who manages their estate after their demise. But what happens if estate owners forget to name executors in their wills or an executor refuses to take on the responsibility in front of the court? The solution is simple—the court names another person as the estate administrator, who plays a vital role in estate planning in NYC. Here's your detailed Read More

The Legal Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate

Buying and owning property is mostly an exciting and fulfilling life experience. The only aspects of it that can feel dry and boring are the legal ones, which include everything from drawing up the initial deed to including it in your final will to be passed on after your death. Of all the things you include in your estate plan—life insurance, bank accounts, jewelry, art/collectibles, investments, and furniture—the Read More

Why You Can’t Sleep on Estate Planning

If you ask a person what they want to be remembered for when they're gone, they're most likely to say something sentimental like the memories of their loved ones or the legacy they're leaving behind in the form of their children or their life's work. But let's be real. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Home Title Theft

Home title theft is a form of identity theft, and many people suffer from it every year. Scammers and thieves tend to keep an eye out for vacation homes, properties belonging to the deceased, and other vulnerable aspects of the home that they can exploit. Read More

5 Considerations to Make During Estate Planning

Estate planning involves designating individuals who will be passed down your assets and who will handle your asset related responsibilities. Read More

What You Should Know about Separating Estate Plans After a Divorce

Going through a divorce isn’t easy. There are several legal matters that you have to consider before you file for one. While planning for the future is the top priority for couples filing for a fault or no-fault divorce, it’s also imperative to sort out your estate plans before or immediately after a divorce petition is filed. Once your divorce is filed and finalized by the court, don’t delay separating all your Read More

3 Key Reasons You Should Create an Estate Plans for Your Future

When we talk about estate planning, many people immediately associate it with the ultra-rich. However, contrary to popular belief, anyone can benefit from having an estate plan no matter what their net worth is. According to Forbes, only 42% of the adults in the United States currently have an estate plan such as a living trust or a will. While end-of-life planning can be depressing and seem morbid, it is Read More