All You Need to Know About Property Law in NYC: Key Insights from Experienced Attorneys

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The ABCs of Family Law Services in Queens: An Overview for Beginners

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The Role of an Estate Law Attorney for protecting your loved ones in Brooklyn

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Estate Planning Essentials: How a Brooklyn Estate Lawyer Can Safeguard Your Legacy

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Real Estate Disputes: Mediation vs. Litigation

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How Crucial Is It To Have A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying Or Selling A Property?

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The Ultimate New York Estate Planning Checklist

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The Types of Real Estate Ownership in Queens

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Can a Lawyer Help You Resolve an Estate Dispute?

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What Do I Need to Know Before Filing a Right of Election Against An Estate?

People can maintain a great deal of control over their estate through their will. However, there's a limit to what can be done if a spouse is involved. People can't completely disinherit their spouses under New York's Estate, Powers, and Trusts Law of 1966. If your spouse doesn't get along with you or in the case of their demise, you can't be excluded from their estate. Here's what you need to know before filing for Read More