The Role of Counseling in Strengthening Marriages and Preventing Divorce

Marriage, a sacred union, often encounters challenges that threaten its stability. Counseling provides a crucial avenue for couples to address issues, fostering communication and resolving conflicts before they escalate. Read More

Avoid These 4 Common Real Estate Frauds When Buying a Property

Whether you have to sell or buy a property or refinance a mortgage on a house, the most important thing is to avoid any possible scams. Buying your property is exciting but also stressful; thorough estate planning needs to be done to avoid any fraud. Read on to learn about 4 common real estate frauds while buying a property. Home Title Theft Also called deed theft, house stealing or deed fraud, this kind of Read More

3 Ways to Protect Your Property from Real Estate Deed Fraud

According to the Journal of World Economic Research, real estate deed thieves stole $547 million in 2020, and this amount increased last year. A real property deed fraud occurs when a property gets transferred illegally without the authority and knowledge of the actual owner. This usually happens to vacant properties whose owners have died recently or are too old and busy to maintain them. Most deed fraud committers Read More

What happens when an executor steals or fails to do the job

Managing someone else's estate is a time-consuming and complicated task. Many times, it is also a thankless job. Some testators earmark special compensation for the executor of their estate or the trustee managing their trust. Others do not. Regardless of whether or not an executor receives compensation for the tasks, he or she has a fiduciary duty to the deceased and the beneficiaries of the will or trust. As an Read More

Will of widow of DC Comics publisher contested by her son

A New York lawyer and a business manager have been accused of improperly influencing an elderly woman in an attempt to misappropriate a larger portion of her will. As the woman in question was the widow of the famous comic book publisher Jack Liebowitz, the proceedings have been of some public interest. The woman passed away on April 24, 2013. The woman's son has filed a suit in New York County Surrogate's Court Read More