Why Is Professional Guidance Important To Navigate Inheritance And Estate Law?

Estate disposal is a complex legal process that involves the transfer of assets and property from a deceased individual to their heirs or beneficiaries. While this process can seem straightforward on the surface, the intricacies of inheritance and estate law can be overwhelming. Read More

Minimizing Tax Exposure For Your Real Estate Assets

Owning real estate in New York can be a rewarding investment, but it often comes with substantial tax obligations. Whether you're a property owner, landlord, or real estate investor, understanding and implementing strategies for minimizing real estate taxes is crucial. This blog will provide valuable insights into tax-saving opportunities tailored for New York property owners. Read More

Litigation in Brooklyn: When and Why You Might Need a Litigation Lawyer

Litigation, the process of resolving disputes through the legal system, can be complex and challenging. In Brooklyn, where various legal matters can arise, having a skilled litigation lawyer by your side becomes crucial. Read More

DNR and Guardianship: Who Can Sign One and When

Guardians have enormous responsibilities that can often be challenging and stressful. One such responsibility is that relating to DNR orders. DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) for an incapacitated person can be signed by a guardian. Read More

Situations That Call for Emergency Guardianship

  Guardianship is typically required when individuals cannot consciously make their own decisions and require another reliable individual to make medical, financial, and other personal decisions on their behalf. This is specifically true when that person has not signed a power of attorney. Read More

Can Someone Steal My Property with A Fake Deed?

Nowadays, there is no shortage of crooks out there trying to steal money through fraud and deception. We hear about it all the time, but does it extend to property? Can someone steal your property with a fake deed? Read More

The Types of Real Estate Ownership in Queens

Most individuals believe that there is only one option for real estate purchases: either they own the property or don't. That seems like a straightforward solution. However, estate planners in Queens state that there are other forms of real estate ownership, each with potential legal complications. Read More

Marital Status and Your Inheritance—A complete Guide

Do you know that your marital status impacts your right to inherit from your partner? Yes, that's right! A probate law court determines how much you'll inherit from your partner's assets based on your marital status in the absence of a will. In addition, spouses and married partners have the same legal rights to inherit—and did we mention that your old will will automatically get canceled once you get Read More