The Importance of Estate Planning in The Digital Age

The pandemic sure did make many people think about getting their affairs in order, so their family isn’t left in a difficult position. Though the pandemic is over, everything has become digitalized, including formal documentation and asset management. Read More

3 Inheritance Issues for Unmarried Parents

In the past centuries, courts didn’t accept non-marital children as inheritors, which means that children with unmarried parents received nothing from their parent’s assets. However, family law has evolved a lot, and the state now recognizes children of unmarried parents as beneficiaries or heirs. Here’s an in-depth discussion about how inheritance works for the children of unmarried parents. Will-Based Read More

3 Key Reasons You Should Create an Estate Plans for Your Future

When we talk about estate planning, many people immediately associate it with the ultra-rich. However, contrary to popular belief, anyone can benefit from having an estate plan no matter what their net worth is. According to Forbes, only 42% of the adults in the United States currently have an estate plan such as a living trust or a will. While end-of-life planning can be depressing and seem morbid, it is Read More

What is a living will and do I need one?

While most people in New York may have heard of living wills, it may not be clear exactly what they are and how they differ from other wills. While a person's regular will discusses how their assets are to be handled after their death, a living will, by contrast, deals with major health care decisions while the person is still living. Living wills are legal documents through which people can outline what care and Read More