The Importance of Probate Lawyers for Ensuring a Smooth Inheritance Process

When it comes to estate planning and the distribution of assets after a loved one's passing, the role of a probate lawyer cannot be overstated. These lawyers specialize in navigating the legal process of probate, ensuring that the wishes outlined in a will are carried out smoothly and efficiently. If you reside in Queens, it is crucial to select a reliable probate lawyer to handle your estate planning needs. This Read More

Navigating Complex Probate Laws in Brooklyn: Why You Need a Probate Lawyer

Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person's assets are distributed and their debts settled. In Brooklyn, New York, probate laws can be complex and intricate, requiring careful navigation to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Engaging the services of a probate lawyer in Brooklyn is essential to help you understand and comply with these laws. Read More

Understanding Probate Litigation in Queens

Probate law deals with the administration of the estate of a deceased person. Probate litigation, on the other hand, is a legal process used to resolve disputes that arise during the probate process. In Queens, New York, probate litigation can involve will contests, fiduciary disputes, and creditor claims. This blog post will provide an overview of probate litigation in Queens, including these common issues. Keep Read More

Arbitrator Vs. Mediator: What’s The Difference?

  When it comes to dispute resolution, there are several options available. Two of the most common options are arbitration and mediation. Although both of these methods aim to resolve disputes, there are key differences between them. In this article, we will discuss the arbitrator vs. mediator differences. Let's dive right in! Read More

How Does a Probate Attorney Settle a Living Trust?

  A successor trustee often needs legal assistance to settle a living trust as it involves some advanced issues and legal concepts to consider. Under state law, the successor trustee is a fiduciary with certain obligations to the trust beneficiaries. Plus, they have to carry out some basic and advanced duties for which they need proper legal help. Read More

A Primer on Inheritance Disputes

Sometimes, you may have good reason to disinherit a child, spouse, or grandchild. It can be for any reason. For instance, if you have given your child a substantial amount of assets, you can disinherit them. Read More

Lawyers and Litigators: Everything You Need To Know

Finding the distinction between a lawyer and a litigator necessitates an understanding of the responsibilities of each. Read More

Probate Problems Between Siblings – A Guide

Not all siblings have the smoothest of sailing, which can lead to various conflicts. These are prevalent among probate cases, especially when there's money and assets on the line which can particularly fuel greed among many people. It's best to have a legal representative with expertise in probate litigation to negotiate and mediate over the problems: Common Issues Some of the most common probate issues between Read More

A Complete Guide to the Probate Process

Sorting out assets and estates might be the last thing on your mind after you lose a loved one. However, this needs to be done systemically to ensure the proper distribution of assets amongst the beneficiaries. If you aren't familiar with the probate process and want to get your hands on a comprehensive guide to it. We are here to assist you. This blog offers a breakdown of what a probate process can look like Read More

Why You Need a Probate Lawyer to Figure Out Your Estates NOW

Okay, maybe we went a little overboard with the NOW, but you do need a probate lawyer—sooner better than later. One day you will need your estates, assets, and other particulars to be sorted out. Imagine not taking the right step at the right time for your posthumous affairs and all potential candidates end up fighting among themselves.  But this isn’t Game of Thrones—and you have probate lawyers who can help you Read More