Challenges that Adopted Children Face and How You Can Help

Adopted children are often challenged because they didn’t grow up with their biological family and may experience a unique set of challenges. This is especially true for older children who have been adopted. The lost time between separation from their birth families and connection to their adoptive ones can be hard to overcome.

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This blog will outline the challenges that adopted children face and how you can help them overcome those challenges.

1. Grief

The subject of adopted children and their grief has been controversial for decades. Many people believe that adopted children can never overcome the loss of their biological parents and that adoption is a process that will leave them with an unhealed wound.

Grief is an emotion that everyone experiences at one time or another, but it can have a different meaning for adopted children. You can help them overcome this challenge by explaining the situation in age-appropriate terms so that they understand the need for adoption.

2. Identity confusion

When children are adopted, they’re put into a situation that demands them to rethink the fundamental aspects of their identity. They must change their name, family status, and life circumstances, often all at once.

When a child is separated from their biological parent, this little person’s views change drastically. They no longer have a place in society, and they don’t know where they belong in life. These children are often left with holes in their hearts that they can never fill without a family. They struggle to find their place in society.

You can help them overcome this challenge by encouraging a sense of belonging and community and helping them to learn about their culture and heritage.

3. Low self-esteem

Children affected by adoption tend to have low self-esteem. Studies show that adopted children are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than natural children, and their self-esteem is lower. There is a common misconception that adopted children are happy because they got adopted, but the truth is that they are not.

You can help these children overcome this challenge by teaching them the meaning of love and loyalty and showing as much care and affection as possible.

4. Attachment issues

Children adopted from overseas often have attachment issues. These children can be abandoned by their biological parents, or they may be orphans whose biological parents have died. Whatever the circumstance, adopted children struggle to attach themselves to their adoptive parents and siblings.

It’s possible to help adopted children overcome attachment issues, but it takes time, resources and patience. Parents who adopt these children need to understand that they’re often too old to bond with a new family, so they’ll have difficulty building a connection.

You must ensure your children get all the support and help they need to thrive. If you’re dealing with a child custody case, contact our legal team of professional divorce lawyer Queens, Family Lawyer Queens or Probate lawyer Brooklyn today for assistance with any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!

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Challenges that Adopted Children Face and How You Can Help

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Challenges that Adopted Children Face and How You Can Help

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