Contesting a will over duress

There are different reasons people decide to contest wills, which we have addressed on this blog. For example, some people may believe that a will is not valid or that an executor has not distributed assets appropriately. Our law firm also knows that some wills are contested over allegations that a decedent was under duress when creating their will. Whether you are fighting untrue allegations that a will is not valid for this reason or you believe that your loved one was under duress when working on their will, it is vital to stand firm for your rights.

First of all, it is important to recognize that duress can take different forms. For example, a person who is under duress when creating a will may be subjected to coercion, threats of violence, or restraint. If it can be proven that someone was under duress when crafting their estate plan, the will may be considered invalid, which could have a significant effect on beneficiaries. For example, if you believe that you or another beneficiary were supposed to receive something that was given to someone else as a result of duress, contesting the will could be the proper way to address this situation.

Will contests and other estate disputes can be incredibly tough for various reasons. Often, these cases carry emotional pain and can create additional difficulties, so it is important to be careful as you work through the will dispute process. If you visit our will contests section, you can read more info related to will disputes .

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Contesting a will over duress

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