Coordinating a long-term care plan that people understand

Long-term care planning is not generally a topic that people in New York are itching to discuss with their loved ones. Often, the people who will need it the soonest, may not recognize how critical planning ahead actually is. They may also neglect to clearly define their expectations to those who they want to participate in their care. Likewise, the people listed in another person’s long-term care plan may have an inaccurate understanding of their responsibilities or be unfamiliar with where to find critical documents that disclose vital information. 

When families have a loved one who is getting close to needing a reliable long-term care plan, it is essential that they work together to coordinate something that is understood by all of the parties involved. According to Money , many children of aging adult parents say they have never had a conversation with their parents about a long-term care plan even though 69 percent of those parents say they have had that discussion with their children. This disconnect can lead to disappointment, confusion and contention if there are misunderstandings when the time comes that the long-term care plan is needing to be put to use. 

Forbes Magazine  says many people put off long-term care planning because they do not fully understand just how critical such a plan is. People think they have a clear understanding of the costs of a long-term plan when in reality, those costs are much higher. Additionally, in a survey that was conducted, only 33 percent of the people who were surveyed admitted that they would need a long-term care plan. However, in reality, over 65 percent of the people surveyed would end up needing a long-term care plan. 

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Coordinating a long-term care plan that people understand

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Coordinating a long-term care plan that people understand

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