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Trusted New York Divorce Attorney

Why Get Legal Advice During a Divorce?

Getting a divorce in NY can be complex, especially if you are trying to navigate by yourself. Our team of divorce attorneys in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Long Island and Queens can guide you through the process and make sure your rights are protected along the way.

Talk to a divorce attorney today to ensure you don’t have to worry about legal quandaries tomorrow.

While many couples start out with intentions of ending things amicably, having a divorce lawyer of your own to protect your interests is often the best first step to making that intention a reality. We can help you determine the right route to take based on your individual circumstances.

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The Types of Divorce Services We Provide

With respect and compassion, our New York divorce lawyers can help you select the solution that works best for you and your family.


In some cases, the best divorce advice may be to seek a marriage annulment. This action dissolves the marriage as if it never happened, from a legal standpoint.

Legal Separation

When considering legal separation vs. divorce, understanding the process of developing a formal legal separation agreement to document the terms of the separation allows some couples to remain married while maintaining separate households.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative effort between the married couple and their attorneys to come to a simple divorce agreement is one option that makes the uncontested divorce process truly amicable.

Uncontested Divorce

When both spouses agree on filing for divorce, it is considered uncontested. Local divorce lawyers can help in keeping the process on track and emotions calm during the transition.

Contested Divorce

When one party does not agree to divorce, or the couple cannot agree on key issues necessary to end their marriage, the divorce is contested. Engaging a divorce attorney for each spouse may offer the best chance of ending the conflict.

High Net Worth Divorce

Whenever there are significant property, financial, and tax issues involved in preparing for divorce, good legal advice is even more important. Engaging an experienced divorce lawyer in NYC that you can afford is a sound business decision for your financial future.


Divorce mediation may be one of the first steps to a collaborative or uncontested divorce or may be court-ordered as part of the standard divorce process. A neutral third party will work with the couple in an attempt to reach a compromise with which both can agree.

Marital Settlement Agreements

Whether a divorce agreement is reached by the couples themselves or with mediation, it should be documented in writing and filed with the court. A New York divorce lawyer will draft your intentions in the necessary format for the judge to approve.

Military Divorce

There are particular challenges to divorces involving military couples, due to the demanding lifestyle, frequent moves, and the legal complexities these military service responsibilities create.

No-Fault Divorce

Some states still require one party to be at fault for the divorce, but incompatibility or irreconcilable differences are considered grounds for divorce in NY, making a no-fault divorce possible.

Same-Sex Divorce

Depending on the jurisdiction that originally recognized a same-sex marriage, couples may need legal advice to determine the correct legal action and the appropriate court system to legally end their union.

A Smooth Transition to a New Future

Finding a NYC divorce lawyer in Manhattan or Queens that can guide you through the transition ahead can relieve some of the stress and paperwork of dissolving a legal union. Ending a marriage with sound legal advice will empower you to move forward again.

With a genuine interest in your unique situation, the law offices of Joseph A. Ledwidge PC has the most competent divorce lawyers to help you choose the path that will get you where you want to be. Schedule a free phone consultation at 718-276-6656 and gain the confidence of having someone you trust on your side of the table.