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Same Sex Divorce

The State of New York has legally recognized same sex marriage since July of 2011, as part of the Marriage Equality Act. With this legal recognition of same sex marriages comes the necessity for same sex divorce.

While New York does not require residency for a same sex couple to marry, when filing for divorce in NYC it is important to determine which civil authority has the ability to dissolve the union. With some of the most experienced same sex divorce lawyers in Queens and Manhattan, we are ready to help you find the correct NYC divorce process to end your marriage.

What Are the Legal Challenges of a Same Sex Divorce?

In addition to determining the right authority and correct steps to follow, there are challenges which are unique to an LGBT divorce. If there are significant issues around marital property or child custody, it might pay to engage a qualified NYC divorce attorney that you can afford.

Marital Property and Division of Assets

Because they were waiting for legal marriage to become available, many same sex couples married later than they would have otherwise. This leads to the accumulation of separate wealth, assets, and liabilities in the course of the relationship.

When getting a divorce, determining what is marital property and how to divide the aggregate wealth in a fair and equitable manner may be more challenging. The complexity of marital property issues is one reason to consider meeting with our Queens divorce attorneys early in the process.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Sometimes the legal authority that oversaw the marriage is not the same one that was involved in child adoption. Children of same sex marriage and divorce might be in a legal limbo if they were adopted in other states or only by one of the spouses.

Reaching an agreement concerning child custody, parental rights, visitation, and support is the easiest way to navigate these complexities. Having good legal support will ease this transition for your children and protect their rights as well.

Overcoming Obstacles to Offer Same Sex Divorce Solutions

Making the empowering step to reach out to our divorce lawyers in Jamaica, Queens, or our Manhattan office will get you started on the road to a clear and equitable legal divorce. No matter what complicating factors exist, we are ready to find the solutions you need.

Our flexible billing plans and reasonable fee structure are just one reason to contact us today with your questions. You really can afford the best and have the confidence that all aspects of your same sex divorce are fully resolved and clearly documented.