Ensuring your will is valid

if you are preparing to create a will, you could have a myriad of uncertainties and may be stressed out. However, you could find peace of mind and put your concerns to ease by making sure that you work through the process of setting up a will appropriately. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, our New York law firm knows how important it is for people who draft wills to make sure that the wills are valid.

When creating a will, you should always keep an eye out for fraud and you should also know what constitutes undue influence. Your will may be disputed if fraud is suspected, such as a person lying to you so that you include them in your will. Undue influence consists of someone forcing a person to include something for them in the will, which otherwise would not have happened. People who are thinking about setting up a will should also make sure they have the mental capacity to do so. Furthermore, you may want to look into having witnesses who can testify that your mind was sound when you set up your will.

Regrettably, some people have wills that are ultimately deemed invalid, which can cause friction in the family and result in assets being distributed in a manner that is against what the decedent would have wanted. If you head over to our contesting the wills page, you can read more information about undue influence , inadequate mental capacity and other topics related to will disputes.

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Ensuring your will is valid

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Ensuring your will is valid

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