Experienced Probate & Estate Lawyers Based in Queens

While finding legal help is by no means difficult in a place as diverse as Queens, the services of a reputable and well-experienced legal service, on the other hand, makes a major difference. Matters of a legal nature require someone with significant experience in the field, a veteran who can carefully plan out strategies and focus on various perspectives to give their client an edge.

For the people of Queens, Ledwidge & Associates offers a wide variety of services, specializing in the field of probate and litigation. We help iron out the various issues related to the deed of a deceased—from contesting the will in the event that it was doctored in an unfairly, helping designate and determine the various duties of an estate’s executors, and determining the next of kin and other beneficiaries for estate and other property.

In the field of family law, we help develop legal bonds as well as dissolve them, depending on the needs of our clients. For parents, we deal with the various visitation rights, alimony and other affairs pertaining to a co-parenting relationship. Our goal is to determine the custody of children and helping couples reach sustainable, feasible child support terms in accordance with the law of the state of New York. Matters of family can be overwhelming to deal with, and we focus on giving our clients the clarity they need to move forward from difficult situations and start over.

At Ledwidge & Associates, our top priority is always our clients and their needs. We aim to facilitate their demands, working in direct contact with them to push forward the narrative and strategy that helps them get the most out of their case. For those worried about the legal bills, we share empathy with our clients, offering them reasonable prices for our work that don’t discourage them from getting the legal help they need.

We’ve been in the business for around 15 years, having worked on a wide variety of cases across different domains, ranging from simple to extremely complicated cases. Our longevity in the game is due to our fierce commitment towards our clients, helping them achieve their goals and come out on top each time.

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