Estate Planning Services In New York City

Setting out an estate plan is a crucial part of financial management since it allows you to exert control over your wealth and assets after your demise. The goal is to preserve your wealth and make sure that it is distributed exactly according to your wishes in the event that you are incapacitated or otherwise incapable of making decisions pertaining to your estate. This is a complex piece of law that covers a wide range of aspects including inheritance, tax minimization, guardianship, setting up trust funds, and even donations in your name upon your passing.

Given the complexities that commonly arise during the distribution of your estate you must work with experienced lawyers capable of ensuring that your last wishes are respected. Ledwidge & Associates Attorneys At Law is a leading estate planning service provider in New York, offering our expertise in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. With over 20 years of experience, Joseph Ledwidge has guided clients over the complexities of estate administration and continues to do so for a wide range of estate planning related concerns.

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Why Work With Ledwidge & Associates

There are numerous issues that must be resolved when setting out a successful estate plan. There is a need to ensure that all the descendants receive their fair shares from the estate, while preventing legal disputes during the disposal of the estate. Sometimes these final plans must be changed according to change in legality, changing circumstances of all the stakeholders involved and special considerations made for mental incapacitation.

It is only through the efforts and insights of an experienced lawyer—specializing inheritance and estate law—that you can successfully navigate these choppy waters. At Ledwidge & Associates Attorneys At Law, we work through each of these problems to create a long-term estate plan that maximizes benefits for all the beneficiaries involved. From drawing up your will to setting up trust funds and assigning agents—our attorneys work consistently to resolve all of your estate-related legal concerns.

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