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Trusted New York Family Law Attorney

What Is Family Law?

Managing the legal aspects of family relationships is the primary focus of a family law firm. Creating legal bonds and dissolving them, establishing custody, visitation, and parental or grandparents’ rights are all life-changing events that become easier after a family law consultation with our Manhattan and Queens attorneys.

Hire a professional family law attorney to ensure your legal proceedings go as smoothly as possible.

No matter what the situation may require, our team offers valuable guidance surrounding family law in New York.

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Our Family Law Services in NYC

These subspecialties of family law encompass the most common reasons you might be looking for legal help during a family transition.


Child Custody

Maintaining a strong parent-child bond is always a primary consideration in determining child custody in NY. Having a family lawyer on your side will make sure your custody rights are protected.


Child Support

Non-custodial parents are responsible for contributing to the financial needs of their children. New York State child support laws will determine the amount of child support based on many factors, including joint custody arrangements.



Establishing paternity is an important step in determining parental rights and obligations. A paternity lawyer can help with documenting a clear relationship and the appropriate support obligation and visitation rights.


Fathers’ Rights

Maintaining your rights to a consistent and meaningful relationship with your children during a breakup may be one of the best reasons to seek the advice of a fathers’ rights lawyer.


Mothers’ Rights

The rights of mothers are also protected by the law, to visitation, possible temporary spousal maintenance (alimony), and a co-parent relationship which is free of harassment or abuse.


Grandparents’ Rights

Parental rights are not the only important considerations when relationships are resolved. A family law attorney or guardianship lawyer can help caregiving grandparents protect their rights to visitation and continued contact.



If there is already a court order or custody agreement in place, it can be modified with the guidance of a lawyer. Changes to visitation or joint-custody child support are a simple process with the help of a child custody attorney.


Domestic Violence/Order of Protection

There may be a higher risk of domestic violence and harassing behavior during and/or following an emotionally charged separation. Especially if abuse has been a factor, an Order of Protection (restraining order) will allow everyone to move forward safely.


Equitable Distribution

Property acquired during a marriage or domestic partnership will need to be distributed in a fair and equitable manner between the parties in accordance with NY law.


Prenuptial Agreements

Engaging an attorney to document your intentions before marriage will help reduce the stress and legal costs of a divorce or separation, should they occur in the future.


Postnuptial Agreements

When a legal agreement between partners is drafted after a marriage or civil union, it may have the same function as a “prenup” but is called a postnuptial agreement.


Spousal Support

The law recognizes that contributions to a family unit go beyond financial earnings. After a relationship ends, one party may be responsible for contributing to the support of the other for a given length of time to allow for a smooth financial transition.


Choosing a Family Lawyer in NYC

Choosing a competent family attorney for your situation is easier when you start with a reputable family law firm. At the law offices of Joseph A. Ledwidge PC, we listen to you first—then we develop a legal strategy to meet your needs.

Whether you need a child support lawyer, child custody lawyer, or just an experienced family attorney in Queens, Manhattan, and throughout NYC, schedule a free phone consultation at 718-276-6656 today. Protecting your rights and the well-being of those you love is an important investment in the future.