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Child Custody

The most delicate family legal matters require the best legal representation in New York

Our children are our most priceless blessings, and they should be treated as such. A divorce or legal separation already strikes at the root of their world, and a sea of hardship and confusion can easily follow. Sadly, children are often the pawns of spousal power-play in the case of a dissolution of the marriage bond, and they often bear the deepest scars as a result. Joseph A. Ledwidge, PC, can provide the experience and competence needed through this most delicate situation. We will take measures to ensure that you and your children are well advised, supported and represented when it comes down to the important decisions of the custody, visitation and financial support of you and your children.

The factors involved in the Court’s decision as to the award of legal custody to the primary caregiving spouse is generally based on the following criteria:

  • The child’s age and sex
  • The parent’s and the child’s state of mental and physical health
  • The parent’s lifestyle
  • Any history of child abuse
  • The nature of the relational bond between the parent and child
  • The ability of the parent to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care
  • The child’s daily and weekly routine
  • The child’s education
  • The child’s preference where he or she is over 12 years of age
  • The attitude of the parent with regard to the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • In some cases, the outcome of a Child Custody Evaluation

By securing the services of a skilled New York Child Custody Attorney, you can minimize the trauma that occurs for both you and your children. No matter how complex or difficult your divorce may appear, Divorce Lawyers are available to offer you experienced representation.

***If you require legal support and representation in a child custody battle, please book your first consultation with Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C today.***