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Child Support

Maintaining the current lifestyle of your children

After going through a divorce, one parent is usually made the primary custodian of a child or children. The non-custodial parent is most often responsible for paying child support to contribute to the continued sustenance and ongoing development of said child or children.

The amount of child support payable is usually calculated in accordance with the mathematical formula provided for in the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), which indicates that the Child Support amount should be a function of the combined parental earnings and the number of children being provided for:

  • One child: 17% of combined parental earnings
  • Two children: 25% of combined parental earnings
  • Three children: 29% of combined parental earnings
  • Four children: 31% of combined parental earnings
  • Five or more children: No less than 35% of combined parental earnings

There are, however, numerous reasons why the presumptive calculation is not just or appropriate in any given set of unique circumstances. Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C is an astute Family Law Firm in New York, and we are prepared to guide you through the legal process to ensure the best possible outcome in your specific case.

***If you are in need of a legal opinion or representation in a Child Support dispute, do not delay in booking an appointment with one of our suitably qualified New York Lawyers who specialize in the resolution of Child Support matters.***