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Prenuptial Agreements

Give your marriage the clean start it deserves.

prenuptial agreementantenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, often called a prenup, is an agreement entered into by couples prior to marriage, by a couple in contemplation of getting married. Marriage is often viewed as a contract and the contract would provide for the protection of each spouse’s assets, which could include:

  • a home, real estate investments stock or retirement funds
  • gifts, inheritance and any property he or she may come to own in the future
  • business and professional practices,
  • the value of academic or professional degrees obtained prior to marriage
  • any future increases in income, and
  • almost any other property owned by the respective parties

Note that prenuptial agreements are not conclusive on issues relating to the custody or access to children of the marriage, since that is a matter to be decided on the merits for and against the child’s best interests at the time of the hypothetical dissolution of the marriage.

No, a prenuptial agreement does not forecast a marital breakdown. Rather, it seeks to provide due consideration to the practical and financial elements of a marital bond or civil union. The possible scenario of dissolution should be borne in mind when the contract is formed. This will ensure that, should dissolution occur, the terms upon which it takes place are already clearly established. To this end, a prenup may improve the likelihood of a successful marriage since some eventualities have been clearly understood at the outset.

Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C are Family Law Attorneys in New York, and is duly qualified and competent to offer you professional prenuptial agreement facilitation and compilation that satisfies the State of New York’s requirements that the agreement must:

  • be in writing (oral prenups are not permitted)
  • be executed voluntarily
  • reflect the full and fair disclosure of both prospective spouses at the time of execution
  • be equitable and not unconscionable (grossly unfair), and
  • be properly executed.

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