Five Ways In Which Estate Lawyers Help Their Clients

A lawyer drafting a will.

An estate lawyer can assist you in documenting your final wishes in the event of your incapacity or death. This legal advisor will be familiar with the appropriate paperwork to utilize and provide you with choices to guarantee that your wishes are carried out accurately.

If the need arises, an estate lawyer in Brooklyn can also educate you on the probate procedure and state and federal regulations that’ll impact your estate’s inventorying, valuing, distributing, and taxation upon your death.

How an Estate Lawyer Can Help Their Clients

The following are some of how an estate lawyer might be of assistance:

1. Draft a Last Will and Testament

A key responsibility of an estate law attorney in Queens is to oversee the preparation, signing, and execution of these legal documents. Essential to this role is an in-depth understanding of the complexities of wills and the range of legal provisions they can provide. An estate attorney’s role is to advise the client regarding what a will can and cannot do.

2. Advice on Tax-Saving Financial Strategies

How can you prevent a higher tax rate from being applied to your wealth? How can property be transferred without triggering tax implications? Questions like this are essential. Estate planning in NYC requires a thorough understanding of all of the financial tools at your disposal. Due to yearly shifts in regulations that apply to these instruments, having an expert estate lawyer on your side is the best option.

3. Keep Wealth from Being Seized By Creditors after Death

There are numerous methods through which creditors can stake a claim on an estate. With the help of a competent estate law attorney in Brooklyn, you may incorporate legal safeguards to prevent future attacks or claims. A person’s assets can be shielded from predatory creditors with the help of a well-thought-out estate plan.

4. Preparing trusts

A well-thought-out estate plan should include agreements that take effect after death and those that allow for the efficient administration of assets throughout life. When you set up a living trust, your wishes can be met while you’re still there to see them carried out. While you’re still around to enjoy it, you may make sure your loved ones benefit from the money you’ve worked hard to accumulate by transferring it into trusts.

5. Keep Legal Costs and Probate Formalities to A Minimum

After your death, you want your loved ones to have as little trouble as possible with practical and legal matters. They can avoid attorneys and courts altogether with careful preparation. A well-thought-out and well-carried-out estate plan will spare your loved ones unnecessary expenditures and stress. Spending money on competent legal counsel now will save them trouble in the future.

A document containing the last wishes of a person.

Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. works through these issues to design an estate plan that lasts for generations and helps all benefactors. Our attorneys will work diligently to address your needs regarding estate planning Manhattan or anywhere in New York City, from drafting your will to establishing trust funds and appointing agents.


Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. If you’re also looking for a estate law attorney long island, we can help with that too.


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Five Ways In Which Estate Lawyers Help Their Clients

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Five Ways In Which Estate Lawyers Help Their Clients

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