Granting someone power of attorney

A variety of questions may arise during the estate planning process, such as trying to decide between different types of trusts or being unsure of how to distribute assets among beneficiaries. In Jamaica, and other cities around New York, some people may be trying to decide if granting another person power of attorney is the right move. At Joseph A. Ledwidge, we have firsthand knowledge of the different issues that may arise when it comes to power of attorney.

If you are thinking about granting power of attorney to someone, you should familiarize yourself with the process and have a solid understanding of what their responsibilities may be. Should something happen to you, the person who you have designated to have power of attorney will be able to act on your behalf. Another question you may have to ask yourself is who to grant this power to. Often, people decide to grant power of attorney to a close relative, such as a spouse or a child. However, you may decide to grant power of attorney to someone else.

Regardless of the estate-related decisions that you make, it is essential to take a careful approach and thoroughly go over any of your options. After all, estate matters can have a significant impact on your loved ones after you pass away and it is essential to find the right solution. If you visit our estate administration section, you can read more about subjects related to power of attorney  and other estate matters.

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Granting someone power of attorney

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Granting someone power of attorney

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