Grounds for contesting a will

While a will may seem like the final say if your loved one in New York has passed away, the truth is that there can be many mistakes made during the writing and developing that can render the agreement invalid. If you believe that this has happened to you, we at Joseph A. Ledgwidge can represent you as you contest the will.

There are many grounds that can be claimed when fighting for your rights. According to the New York City Bar, a will may not be used  if you can show that there was any sort of fraud involved during the creation of the document. This could mean that your loved one was lied to or in another way decieved. This is taken very seriouisly by the court, but you must also be able to prove that it happened.

While outright fraud may be an extreme example, there are other, less obvious factors that can cause your will to be invalid. Your loved one may have been a victim of undue influence in one or multiple parts of the document. He or she may have also not had the mental capacity to make wise decisions due to stress or other circumstances.

In some cases, the agreement cannot stand simply because the proper steps were not followed when it was created. This includes having witnesses observe the signing, something that some people tend to forget. For more information on how you can contest a will  in New York, please visit our web page.

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Grounds for contesting a will

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Grounds for contesting a will

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