Having an executor removed

When it comes to removing executors from estates, there are many issues that those involved may have to consider. For example, you may be listed as a beneficiary and feel that the executor is not performing his or her responsibilities properly. Or, perhaps you have been named an executor and are being falsely accused of wrongdoing. The law offices of Joseph A. Ledwidge recognizes the various challenges that people face over the removal of an executor in Jamaica, and the rest of New York.

Executors may be removed for embezzlement, unacceptable delays in paying inheritance, unfairly showing favoritism toward beneficiaries and misusing assets belonging to the estate. If you suspect that the person who is responsible for handling an estate’s assets are not performing their duties correctly, you should not hesitate to have them held accountable. On the other hand, if you are an executor and someone is falsely accusing you of wrongdoing, you should make sure that you take steps to protect yourself from the false allegations right away.

As if legal matters involving an estate are not challenging enough, having an executor removed can open up strong emotions and lead to a bitter family dispute. In order to reduce family drama and stress, it is very important for people who are in the middle of an estate-related standoff to carefully examine the situation and make sure the right steps are taken.

On our page that is dedicated to removing an executor, you can review additional material related to this aspect of probate law .

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Having an executor removed

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Having an executor removed

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