Heir claims he was cheated out of $70,000

With regard to probate, there are many issues that executors, heirs and decedents may want to take into consideration. For example, heirs should be aware of any wrongdoing during the probate process , which leaves them with a smaller amount of assets than they were entitled to. Unfortunately, this takes place too often in New York and it can be very hard for people who are alerady going through emotional pain.

A man who was listed as an heir in Michigan alleges that he was cheated out of $70,000 after he was unsuccessful in a public auction over a home. He accuses a group of attorneys and a real estate broker of wrongdoing during the probate process, alleging that they sold his mother’s home at a public auction without notifying him.

He claims that he was never informed that the home was gbeing foreclosed on and that a relatively minor amount of money was still owed on the property. The heir also says that this group has targeted other estates, which results in heirs receiving a small portion of what they were entitled to.

Sometimes, heirs are cheated out of property they should have received due to an executor’s violation of his or her duties. In other cases, they may face troubles in court. Regardless of the nature of probate problems people are experiencing, it is essential for them to stand up for their legal rights and press forward. For some, consulting a legal professional who knows how to work through these situations has been very beneficial.

Source : WXYZ, ” Metro Detroit dad says probate scandal nearly cost him $70,000, ” Heather Catallo, June 7, 2017

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Heir claims he was cheated out of $70,000

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Heir claims he was cheated out of $70,000

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