Houston and Brown families fighting over Bobbi Kristina’s estate

Many New York residents have heard about the ongoing dispute over the estates of Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Both the Houston and Brown families are reportedly fighting over what happens to Houston’s estate. According to a report, members of Whitney Houston’s family are named as the legal inheritors of Bobbi Kristina’s wealth; however, reports also note that Bobby Brown’s family wants to inherit the money.

The inheritance left to Bobbi Kristina included $20 million and royalties from the famed singer’s career. This essentially means that the estate will continue to grow as the royalties keep coming in. When Bobbi Kristina died, she did not leave behind a will. Because Bobby Brown is Bobbi Kristina’s father and potentially a sole beneficiary, he could receive the portion of future proceeds that his daughter had been entitled to under her mother’s will.

However, Whitney Houston’s will stated that if her child did not survive, her mother Emily Cissy Houston was to be given her jewelry. The rest of the estate was to be divided between Houston’s mother, father, two brothers and Bobby Brown, who was still her husband at the time the will was drafted.

Most young individuals wait to draft a will until they have their first child or make a major investment. However, it can be very difficult for families to determine what happens with a person’s estate should they die before a will is drafted. If there is no will, the state law of intestacy will govern the distribution unless family members are otherwise able to agree.

Source: Realty Today, ” Who Will Get Bobbi Kristina’s $20 Million Inheritance From Whitney Houston? “, Sept. 20, 2015

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Houston and Brown families fighting over Bobbi Kristina’s estate

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Houston and Brown families fighting over Bobbi Kristina’s estate

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