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Long Island is the most populated island in all of the United States, being home to major counties and two large airports. The area has been a hub of activity which has led to its ever-increasing population.  Ledwidge & Associates have been operational in the region for the past 15 years, offering legal services across multiple domains.

Long Island is by no means free of the troubles of the average urban area. Disputes related to property are fairly common in the region. Ledwidge & Associates step in to help the general public, offering them the ability to contest or probate a will in case they feel left out. For those leaving behind assets, we help them assign the next of kin, beneficiaries and executors of their estate for different properties. We also assist in making a case against the executor of an estate and pushing for their removal, along with assigning a new administrator for said estate. We aim to prevent any further legal disputes and iron out issues before any unnecessary legal proceedings.

If you’re struggling with family law issues, Ledwidge & Associates can help sort things out for you as well. There are intricate details that go into dealing with alimony, child support, visitation rights and custody that couples tend to look over. We help bring these to light and sort them out to avoid further conflict down the line. Our goal is to ensure a divorce that ends on somewhat amicable terms with little to no dispute, emphasizing that the case works in the best way possible for our client. If our clients are being harassed, abused or subject to violence, we push for restraint orders to guarantee our client’s safety.

The secrets to our success in the business for the last 15 years are very simple. We work closely with our clients to understand their case to the last dot, which helps us make an argument that works in their favor when opposed. We’ve dealt with very intricate cases such as same-sex, military and no-fault divorces where stipulations can be hard to handle.

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