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Jamaica is a neighborhood based in Queens, home to a large population of African Americans and Caribbean people. Over the years, Jamaica has seen a steady decline in crime rate and the area has prospered into a well-renowned middle-class Queens neighborhood.

At Ledwidge & Associates, we help ensure that things stay resolved in the neighborhood by offering a wide variety of services. We focus on family law in particular, helping deal with issues such as divorce. In the case of same-sex, military or no-fault divorce situations, we help mediate the scenario and deal with the various considerations. Couples can also arrange their pre and post nuptial agreements with us to amicably move forward in their respective lives. We go over factors such as equitable distribution, spousal support and other instances that couples forget or are afraid to go over.

Professional Estate & Probate Law Lawyer Jamaica

We pay a great deal of emphasis on dealing with probate and real estate planning laws. Those that feel left out of a will or believe that a will was created unfairly or without proper thought have the right to contest it. We also enable our clients to probate a will or make their case in order to remove an administrator. Those leaving their assets behind can also acquire help determining kin, leaving behind beneficiaries. In case of any identity theft via forgery, we help get into the details to prevent you and your family from going through any major loss.

If you’re going through a rough phase or a divorce and feel threatened by your spouse, you can file a restraining order against them. Ensure you’re filing an order before taking a child with you, which otherwise falls under the umbrella of kidnapping. We emphasize damage control and making a good, clean case for all our clients that presents them in the best light for positive results.

Our priority is always our clients and what’s best for them. We help them win their rights, get what they deserve and give them the guidance that helps them resolve any problems they have over property, marriage, assets or children among other things.
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