Affordable and Experienced Law Services in the Bronx

The home of the Yankees is a densely populated area, with people from around the country taking refuge in its unique culture and openness to diversity. The conditions over the years are a clear sign that the Bronx has seen better days, with issues like crime, violence and divorce being a talking point for the region.

The area has been in need for a face that can prevent the downtrodden and those in need of justice from being trampled on, and Ledwidge & Associates attempts to provide just that. We help couples determine their pre and postnuptial agreements moving forward so that all marital assets and other aspects of their bond are ironed out before going forward. For matters related to spousal support and equitable distribution, we ensure our clients’ rights are being enforced with regard to the State laws.

If any of our clients are at risk of abuse or violence from their spouse, our goal is to push forward an order of protection to provide safety. Divorce for same-sex couples, those in the military and no-fault situations can be difficult to deal with, and we assist couples deal with the various considerations that they might otherwise miss out on.

Ledwidge & Associates also helps with the transition of inheritance to kin, determining suitable options for those in need of assistance along with challenging and probating a will in case anyone has been left out. We strategize claims and conditions with our clients to ensure they get what is rightfully theirs.

Our law firm has been operational for 15 years, and has been built on the foundation of dedication to our clients. An attorney’s purpose is to do everything in their power for their clients, and we do so while offering affordable, reasonably priced services. Costs should never be the reason why someone doesn’t get their fair share, and we aim to make that possible with our well-rounded and affordable offerings.

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