Affordable Divorce, Estate Planning and Family Lawyers in Brooklyn

The most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn certainly has its own set of problems. The turn of the century has seen a great deal of development in the area, with a significant influx of traffic in the region. This has caused property values in the region to spike as more settlers decide to take a bite out of the Big Apple by starting to settle in Brooklyn. Inevitably, this also raises the need for people to mitigate the various issues that arise because of it.

Property disputes are fairly common in Brooklyn, and there’s where we step in to take the charge. At Ledwidge & Associates, we’ve seen our fair share of battles over property. Unclear terms regarding inheritance and the passing of property, the inability to make the correct judgment with regard to estates, and a lack of understanding of tax minimization strategies—we take care of all these issues, helping families and businesses reach amicable or agreeable terms within the ambit of the law.

Divorce can be an overwhelming phase of life, and couples require someone to guide them through the various grievances. Ledwidge & Associates are your partners in these trying times, as we go over various disputes such as child custody, visitation rights, alimony and child support payments. We take care of high-profile and high net worth divorces as well. Couples seeking to get married often overlook the various terms and conditions for pre and postnuptial agreements, but we take care of those as well.

Our services are fairly reasonable and affordable. We believe that the customer should be facilitated, and quite often people don’t seek out legal help in fear of going into debt. Our purpose is to help you get back on your feet and give you legal counsel without burning through your bank account.

We’ve been in the business for around 15 years, having worked on a wide variety of cases across different domains, ranging from simple to extremely complicated cases. Our longevity in the game is due to our fierce commitment to our clients, helping them achieve their goals and come out on top each time.

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