Named as an executor? There are online resources that can help

Have you recently found yourself in the position of executor after a loved one passed? If so, you may be wondering what exactly it is you are supposed to do. Many people find themselves in such a position. Often, they do not know what they need to do with respect to moving the decedent’s will through probate. Typically, they are also dealing with the emotional turmoil that comes with losing a loved one.

Fortunately, some of the answers and tools you need may be only a mouse click away. While a probate attorney can help you with the legal aspects of settling a will in New York, the internet offers plenty of tools to help you keep things organized while administering an estate .

By utilizing some online tools , you may be able to simplify an arduous and time-consuming process. Combining this with the advice of an attorney will help you to navigate the probate process in a more efficient manner.

Shared access

Some of the online options available to help you stay organized offer shared access with other family members, beneficiaries and your probate attorney. This will help keep the process transparent for the family so that you can avoid the mistrust that beneficiaries might direct toward you if they are not kept in the loop at all times.

Pre-determined checklist

Another feature of some of these online tools is that they provide an estimated timeline and a checklist of tasks you must complete. Usually these lists include items you need to do such as making funeral arrangements, locating the will, obtaining copies of the death certificate, filing the estate tax return and various other duties.

Tips and advice

You can also find tips and advice for some of the duties you must fulfill. For example, you may be able to find tips on how to obtain official copies of the death certificate or how best to keep track of the estate’s assets during the probate process.

The duties of an executor can often take more time than you originally expected. In addition, some of the tasks can often seem overly complicated or confusing. In order to reduce stress, save time and stay organized, you should utilize every tool available. This includes your probate attorney and perhaps an online tool that offers some of the above features.

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Named as an executor? There are online resources that can help

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Named as an executor? There are online resources that can help

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