Prince’s possible heir

Music fans and pop culture enthusiasts in New York were likely shocked and saddened by the news of Prince’s death, and some have begun speculating about what will happen to the late singer’s estate while others still mourn the legendary star’s passing. If Prince has a will, it has not yet been made public knowledge. This means his sister looks like the mostly likely candidate to inherit his fortune.

Prince died at age 57 in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and he was found collapsed in an elevator by first-responders when they were called to his home since staffers were not successful at reaching him by phone. His home and Paisley Park Studios are located in Minnesota, and state intestacy law dictates that parents, grandparents and siblings inherit the estate of an unmarried person with no children who dies without a valid will . This would mean his 55-year-old sister inherits everything though theoretically someone could try to appeal the probate court decision.

Both of Prince’s parents are deceased and were divorced but had other children, so Prince has two remaining half-sisters and a half-brother from his father’s other marriage and two surviving half-brothers from his mother’s other marriage. Prince’s net worth was estimated to be around $300 million, but his music catalog as well as unreleased recordings could drive the value of his estate far higher.

In the past several years, there have been many reports of celebrities dying without a comprehensive estate plan in place. It would be somewhat surprising if Prince had no will at all, but if so, the administration of his estate could be quite protracted.

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Prince’s possible heir

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