When a person dies intestate, that is, without a valid will, the process of finalizing that person’s legal and financial affairs is called estate administration.

In estate administration, the absence of a will means that the law, not the wishes of the decedent, determines how assets are distributed. For instance, under New York intestacy laws, a decedent’s estate will be divided between surviving spouse and children, even the decedent had wished they only go to the spouse.

While in probate, the assets of the deceased are distributed by an executor, assets in intestate administration are distributed by an administrator. The duties of the administrator are the same as the duties of the executor, including appraising assets, paying debts and distributing assets to the heirs as determined by New York intestate laws.

Experienced Guidance Through The Estate Administration Process

If your loved one has died without a will, New York estate administration attorney Joseph Ledwidge can help you understand your rights. If you are a close relative of the decedent and are concerned about protecting your right to inheritance, our law firm can advocate on your behalf.

If you have been appointed the administrator of an intestate estate, we can help you understand your obligations, helping you avoid costly disputes or liabilities. In every case, we apply our extensive experience in New York estate administration matters to help our clients achieve their goals in a favorable, cost-effective manner.

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