Challenging The Role Of An Executor

The executor of an estate is entrusted with many important fiduciary duties and bears a high level of responsibility to the beneficiaries. It is no surprise that disputes often arise between executors and beneficiaries, and that beneficiaries often seek to have the executor of an estate removed.

If you are an executor or a beneficiary involved in a legal dispute over the distribution of estate assets, the law offices of Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C., is here to protect your interests. Probate law attorney Joseph Ledwidge has approximately 15 years of experience handling complex estate litigation and can protect your rights in this process.

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Reasons For Removing An Estate Executor

There are many reasons beneficiaries may wish to have an executor removed, including suspecting the executor of:

  • Wasting estate assets
  • Embezzling estate assets
  • Commingling assets
  • Favoring one beneficiary over another
  • Disposing of assets in a manner that does not earn fair market value
  • Taking too long to pay out a legacy or inheritance

Disputes between executors and beneficiaries often pit one family member against another. Attorney Joseph Ledwidge is a skilled negotiator and will apply his probate litigation experience to help you resolve this matter in a favorable, cost-effective and amicable manner.

Petition To Compel An Accounting By The Executor

In New York, a beneficiary can file a petition to compel an accounting by the executor, which compels the executor of an estate to declare a full accounting of the estate, including the expenses, distributions and balance.

Once the executor files the accounting, beneficiaries can object if they find the facts inaccurate or suspicious. It is advisable for both beneficiaries and executors to retain experienced probate litigation counsel if engaged in such a dispute.

We Will Protect Your Interests In Probate Disputes

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