Protecting Yourself from Home Title Theft

Home title theft is a form of identity theft, and many people suffer from it every year. Scammers and thieves tend to keep an eye out for vacation homes, properties belonging to the deceased, and other vulnerable aspects of the home that they can exploit.

They can potentially take up the entire property under their ownership, and only a real estate attorney can help you out in such a situation. Here’s how you can prevent home title theft:

Be Aware of Your Deed’s Status

A great way to prevent deed theft is to take a look at the various local deed registries. Across the country, you can find various local registries that allow you to look at your deed’s status. This way, you can ensure no one has tried to make any changes to the ownership of your property.

Many of these registries also provide updates on their own if any changes are made to your deed’s status, which can alert you if fraud is imminent.

Observe Credit Reports

Ensure that no one is making financial actions in your name by getting free copies of your credit report. Various credit reporting agencies will provide you with a free copy of the report, and you can get one every four months from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, respectively.

Sign up for a free report from one agency and after four months, request another agency for a copy of a new report. This process will help you stay updated throughout the calendar year about your credit reports.

Hire A Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney isn’t a must-have for everyone. But those that suspect that they might become a victim of deed theft or any other method of compromise that could cause them to lose ownership of their property, can heavily benefit from their services. Whatever you pay your attorney is likely less than what your property is worth.

For those that have already been compromised, a real estate attorney’s services are a no-brainer. If you happen to be in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or Jamaica, NYC, Ledwidge & Associates can help you out.

We have more than a decade’s experience across various domains such as Family Law Services BrooklynFamily Law Attorney Queens, divorce, and litigation law services apart from real estate law services. Get in touch with us for your legal needs.

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Protecting Yourself from Home Title Theft

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Protecting Yourself from Home Title Theft

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