Real Estate Disputes

Effective Resolution of Your New York Real Estate Dispute

Real estate litigation can arise from a number of disputes regarding the sale, leasing, development, and use of residential or commercial real estate. As New York real estate litigation attorneys, we have years of experience representing individuals, organizations, and businesses in all types of real estate litigation. We help them understand their rights and duties, protect their interests, and fight to recover needed relief.

Types of Real Estate Disputes

Most real estate litigation involves agreements between individuals or businesses to buy real estate, sell real estate, or perform real estate-related services. Below are some common legal issues that arise in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Partition Actions

In a partition action, two or more parties that own real estate together want to terminate that arrangement. Often, a partition action arises when one or more children wish to sell property after inheriting it from a parent. A real estate litigation attorney at our firm can represent your best interests in a dispute involving co-owned property.

Fraudulent Transfer of Property

Whenever an individual transfers assets due to undue influence or because they are physically or mentally weakened, it is considered fraudulent. In many cases, these transfers involve real estate and bank accounts and are made by the deceased during the last months, weeks, or days of their life. To recover assets that were fraudulently transferred, Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. has assisted executors and administrators of estates in bringing discovery actions.

Other real estate disputes we handle include:

  • Disputes over property values
  • Breach of contract for real estate sales
  • Landlord-tenant disputes concerning commercial space
  • Zoning violations or disputes involving land use regulations
  • Easements and other encumbrances that prevent the use of real property as intended
  • Alleged violations of restrictive covenants
  • Title defects
  • Distribution of real property among heirs of a deceased homeowner without a last Will and testament

The New York law firm of Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. can assist you in resolving real estate legal issues and protecting your property against wrongful use or transfer. Whether these concerns relate to probate or arise during a regular transaction, our attorneys will assist you in resolving these important issues. We will also ensure that your wishes are respected. 

Real Property Law Firm In New York City

There is little doubt that our homes are usually the family’s most valuable assets. However, a lot can go wrong when predators who sometimes disguise themselves as investors prey upon home or house owners, both young and old, by using sophisticated schemes to steal your homes, apartments, houses or properties. Home theft can be committed through blatant fraud, quitclaim deeds, buying out shares of co-owners and then enforcing sales, forgery by imposters, promises of money for you to turn over your home, etc. Essentially, it can all amount to theft of your home and or its equity. Occasionally, family members are the individuals behind these home theft, by preying on an aging mother, father, or sister when they have dementia and other illnesses. We are here to help and offer vigorous representation to combat these schemes.

Estate Planning and Real Property

Establishing a legally binding set of commandments for your real estate is a crucial component of a successful estate plan. The disposal of real estate assets to beneficiaries, especially if it involves rental incomes and commercial property, can escalate into future legal conflicts that are easily avoided. Ultimately, you are the sole authority on the best plan of action for your real estate assets and we are here to help. This is where understanding real property law and estate planning can help you set out an appropriate estate plan—that accommodates your real estate as well.

Ledwidge & Associates Attorneys at Law are a real property law firm that can settle your real estate related legal issues and defend you against the wrongful theft of your property. Whether these concerns stem from probate or as part of devising an estate plan—our attorneys will help you resolve these crucial issues. We will also make sure that your wishes are well represented.

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20+ Years Of Experience In Real Property Law

We’ve been working in the legal industry for the past 20 years, helping our clients work out the complexities arising from a wide range of legal issues pertaining to probate law, divorce law, family law and real property law. Throughout this time, we have made it our mission to provide unique and hassle-free solutions to protect their interests and ensure that their wishes are respected under all circumstances.

Our experienced and qualified attorneys are always equipped and ready to help you and to ensure a swift resolution of your concerns. We offer a wide range of services that include drawing up wills, distributing your estate, minimizing inheritance taxes, and resolving legal conflicts that arise during the division of the estate, including Will contest, accounting, and wasteful fiduciary conduct.

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