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Estate Attorneys in Rego Park

With over 43,000 residents, Rego Park is one of the best residential and commercial neighborhoods in New York City. It’s situated in Queens, a borough of New York, and offers a quality urban lifestyle to all residents there. Most people move here to spend a peaceful life with their families. To ensure your family enjoys a comfortable future in Rego Park, you can hire estate lawyers at Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. for estate planning.

Rego Park is a part of New York City; hence you can benefit from the legal tools provided by the law that ensure the protection and safe transfer of your property. You can ensure a safe and sound future for your loved ones and create estate plans that will fit your needs.

For proper planning and distribution of your property in Rego Park, hire our estate lawyers and attorneys. Our team has years of experience and can offer cost-effective, timely solutions. In case of any estate administration issues, we have the resources to handle all processes, provide critical guidance, and represent you in court.

Solving Disputes in Probate Processions

Settling estate transfers and disputes after a loved one has passed away can be extremely emotional. If family members start contesting the will’s validity and legitimacy, the probate process can become even more complicated than it already is. When there are disgruntled beneficiaries, overlooked rightful heir claims, and other disputes involved, hiring an experienced probate attorney can help you expedite the process.

At Ledwidge& Associates, P.C. in New York City, we have highly skilled probate lawyers in Rego Park who can handle all probate matters, including assets transfers and will disputes. They are well-versed with all estate and probate laws in the city, and their expertise and knowledge will be beneficial for you.

We ensure our client’s rights are always protected during probate. After submitting the petition to the court, we’ll also help you carry out other responsibilities, including debt settlements and statutory payments. Since probate laws are ever-changing and complex, you should consult our probate attorneys in Rego Park to learn more about your case.

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