Reviewing other sources of will disputes

On this blog, we have covered many of the different factors that can play a role in will disputes, such as undue influence. However, it is important to keep in mind that will disputes have many other sources, especially if you are an executor or are a beneficiary who is concerned that assets are not being distributed properly. The New York law firm of Joseph A. Ledwidge understands how frustrating and complex these issues can be for beneficiaries and entire families in Jamaica, and other cities in the Empire State.

In addition to undue influence, wills may be contested for many other reasons. For example, a dispute may arise after a will is misplaced or because an additional will exists. In some cases, disagreements surround a will that some consider to be fraudulent, while other disputes center on the way an executor is managing the will. Whatever the cause of a dispute over a decedent’s will, these disagreements can result in a very trying time for families who are already struggling with a deep sense of loss.

If you are involved in similar disagreement, it is absolutely essential to analyze the individual details of your dispute. If possible, it is also important to do everything in your power to work through these challenges in a good-natured manner and avoid making the dispute even more difficult for everyone involved. If you visit our page which focuses on contesting a will, you will find more material on the topic of will disputes .

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Reviewing other sources of will disputes

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