Staten Island

Hire Experienced Estate Lawyers in Staten Island

With less than half a million population, Staten Island is one of the five boroughs in New York City in the southwest area of the city. Often referred to as the “Forgotten Borough,” Staten Island is separated from the rest of the city by New York Bay. This borough has beautiful beaches, great views, and some of the most historical attractions.

Since Staten Island is a part of New York, some of the estate and property laws are similar to the rest of the city. Understanding property laws can help residents of this area minimize their taxes and find cost-effective solutions for estate planning. At Ledwidge & Associates, P.C. in New York City, we have vast experience handling and creating estate plans for clients.

Our highly skilled estate lawyers and attorneys are equipped with the right legal tools to protect your Staten Island property and help ensure your family’s safe and comfortable future. We protect your interests and guide you with the utmost care.

Making Probate Processes Easier

If someone in your family has died and left behind a will, you can benefit from the assistance of our experienced probate lawyers and attorneys in Staten Island. Their knowledgeable guidance can assist you during the entire court-supervised process, where the will is validated, and a petition is filed with the court.

During the probate process, various things are involved where you would require legal assistance. This process can become confusing and tricky if someone’s not well-versed in the probate laws of New York City. With significant asset transfers and disputes arising over the will, our probate lawyers’ guidance can help you out.

We ensure that your rights are protected, and everything is dealt with care all through the probate process. Once we enlist an experienced Staten Island probate attorney’s services for you, all the matters related to probate law will be taken care of, and you can rest assured that we’ll deliver cost-effective, timely solutions.

You can contact us to represent you during any court probate procession. Our probate lawyers in Staten Island have also represented clients in testate and intestate succession. We can arrange a quick consultation for you so you can consult our attorneys and make your probate processes easier.

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