The effort that goes into creating a trust

At our New York offices, the team at Joseph A. Ledwidge, P.C., believes that everyone should have access to effective estate planning tools. You could protect your loved ones after you pass, save more of the value of your estate and maintain the direction and purpose of your assets by creating the appropriate trust structure. We take pride in helping our clients obtain peace of mind, but the process often involves far more than simply drawing up a document for somebody to sign. 

Our first step after concluding an initial consultation is often to discuss the various trust options and their specific powers under their relevant jurisdictions. Even our most finance- and law-savvy clients often learn something during this stage. Sometimes, that information forms the core of a client’s estate strategy. 

After the discussion of alternatives, the next item on our agenda is typically an information-gathering period. Our team is accustomed to assembling and summarizing pertinent information gained from financial statements and client interviews. As a result, we are often able to expedite this laborious process. 

Once we know our client’s financial situation, we would draft the agreed-upon documents. These must comply with legal regulations while remaining specific to individual needs. We would then make the paperwork official and assist in funding the trust, completing the first step of the process.

Our final duty is the ongoing maintenance — and alteration, if necessary — of the trust we helped create. We take it as the highest compliment when a client returns for further estate issues, such as the division of trusts or their dissolution. Please read on for more information at our main website.

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The effort that goes into creating a trust

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The effort that goes into creating a trust

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