Tips and Strategies for Surviving Divorce During the Pandemic

Surviving divorce can be a challenge under any circumstance. But with the current pandemic, the situation has become more difficult than ever. As people are forced to self-isolate and a mandatory social distancing regulation in place, lawyers have predicted a rise in divorces in the United States. The prolonged periods together without leaving the house unless for essential errands can either make or break a relationship.

A good strategy for couples who have had it with each other would be to take some time away from their significant other and wait until the pandemic isn’t as serious anymore before making any big decisions.

However, if you have already begun the process of divorce and want to see it through without having to wait for the virus’s curve to flatten, here are some tips and strategies to help you survive this difficult and unprecedented situation:

Stay in Touch with Your Team

Once you have made the decision to get a divorce, you need to get in touch with your team of lawyers and mediators immediately. It is essential to stay in touch with them throughout the divorce proceedings and heed their expert advice that comes from years of experience dealing with divorce cases. Make sure they offer various channels to communicate that abide by the social distancing regulations such as video conferencing, phone calls, e-mail, etc.

Consider the Financial Ramifications

Most countries in the world have faced serious economic downfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic. The same is the case with the United States, with hundreds of people laid off from work and many businesses losing their investments and facing significant losses. Before going through with your divorce, consider pausing the process to have a clearer picture of your investments once the dust settles. Also, you can ask your divorce attorney to bring in a financial analyst as a part of your divorce team to help you understand the financial risks and realities if you decide to move forward.

Take A Breather and De-Stress

Divorce is one of the most stressful things to go through in life. You feel a significant emotional toll of having to break up with your significant other, whom you thought you’d be spending the rest of your life. You also worry about how it will affect your child and how you’ll support them as a single parent moving forward. Now add the stress of a pandemic and uncertain future, and the situation can become overwhelming and start affecting your physical health.

It is essential that you take a breather and de-stress by signing up for yoga or exercise classes, book some online mediation and therapy sessions, or just take an at-home spa day to relax those tense muscles. Make sure you pay attention to your stress levels and do your best to keep them in check for your physical and mental well-being during the challenging divorce process amidst the pandemic.

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Tips and Strategies for Surviving Divorce During the Pandemic

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Tips and Strategies for Surviving Divorce During the Pandemic

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