What are some will concerns if you are single?

As a single person in New York, you may have never given a single thought towards creating a will. However, most adults should have one. This is especially true if you have children or assets of considerable value. If you die and do not have a will or other estate plan, the state steps in and decides what happens with your assets and your children. This is the last thing you want to happen because it becomes a major headache for your family.

According to Forbes, a  will allows you to make a variety of plans for what should happen upon your death. When legal, a will is enforceable and your wishes will be carried out. You can dictate many different things in your will, including who will get what assets, how your debts should be handled and who would get custody of your children.

An important aspect of will creation is choosing an executor. This is the person who will ensure your wishes stated in the will are carried out. This should be someone you trust. It should be someone who will not be easy to manipulate or to get to change what you have written because once you die, the executor has full control and can make decisions on your behalf. You do not have to choose someone you know closely. Your attorney can be your executor if you want. It is just important that you choose a person who will carry out your wishes. This information is intended for education only and not as legal advice. 

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What are some will concerns if you are single?

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