What to Do When Someone Passes Away

The passing of a relative can be difficult, especially if you’re close to them. Even if you aren’t on the best terms with them, there are certain responsibilities and affairs that you might have to look into, especially those related to the estate left behind.

Here’s how you can deal with the legal issues that take place after a person’s passing and a probate lawyer’s assistance in the process:

Legal Pronouncement of Death

Suppose your relative has passed away at home and unexpectedly. In that case, you have to call in a medical professional before you declare their death. If they’re under hospice care of a nurse, the nurse can perform this job.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with the declaration if your loved one passes away in medical attention at a hospital. The hospital workers will handle all of that for you. A declaration of death is essential so that you may proceed with the funeral and other legal proceedings.

Consult an Attorney

After getting done with funeral proceedings and grieving, head to your attorney with any details you have regarding the finances of the deceased. You don’t have to worry about the documentation too much; a capable probate attorney will go through them for you.

It’s best to resolve the situation immediately, determining whether the probate process is required at all and if there are any potential problems or issues involved in the documentation.

Filing as An Executor

A family member of the deceased will become the executor of the estate, carrying out several duties on their behalf. You’ll have to inform all involved heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors of the estate regarding the change in executors, along with the distribution of their respective assets and properties.

In case of any debts and dues left behind by the deceased, those are your responsibilities as well.

At Ledwidge and Associates, we specialize in probate attorney Queens and probate attorney Brooklyn, easing the legal process of setting up a new executor, dealing with kinship, property, and other issues that may arise after the passing of your loved ones.

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What to Do When Someone Passes Away

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