Why Should You Have A Living Will?

Drafting a living will is an essential part of estate planning that is usually left till a person reaches old age. Research shows that only 29.3% of U.S. citizens have a living will.

Life is pretty uncertain; it is always best to be prepared for unfortunate events that can leave you incapacitated or incapable of communicating them. In which case, a living will serves as a binding written version of your medical preferences.

A living will is a type of advance care directive that dictates your choice of healthcare in the event that you’re unable to communicate due to an accident or underlying health condition. It also includes directives of whether you want to donate any of your tissues or organs if you pass away.

Here are a few reasons why you should draft a living will at the earliest.

Gives You Control

A living will gives you control over your medical procedures if you’re unable to communicate due to your health condition. It specifies the treatments you would prefer and the ones you don’t.

Guidance for Your Doctor

A living will serves as a legally binding guide for your doctor as it specifies your medical preferences. You might not be okay with certain treatments due to moral or religious obligations or financial constraints. The will ensures that your doctor will comply with your preferences.

Prevents Family Feuds

Your family wants the best for you but it is possible that different family members have different suggestions for what the best treatment for you might be. A living will dictates the exact medical treatment you want, so it prevents family feuds or disputes from arising over your medical treatment.

Eliminates Unwanted Medical Expenses

In the situation that you end up in a vegetative state, your living will decides whether you want life support or not. Many people prefer to die rather than spending a decade or two on life support. Removing yourself from life support saves your family from having to pay the massive bills.

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Why Should You Have A Living Will?

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Why Should You Have A Living Will?

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